Jamberry {Wisteria Review!}

A few months ago, while in the throws of Spring semester, my last before graduation, I told my friend Amanda that I would love to do a review for her. She sent me a few samples, and honestly, the hardest part of the whole process was figuring out which one to try first! I am busier than a bee in a wildflower field, people, so the fact that I can find time to do this means you can, too! It takes about 30 seconds per nail, if that, and when they’re on, they’re on. No need to wait for them to cure or set or dry, they’re just done, and you can go about tackling that sink full of dishes with wild abandon. So, in about five to ten minutes, you can have a manicure that lasts for weeks. Yes, weeks. Mine lasted for about three weeks. Tell me you’ve had a mani that lasted three weeks, y’all.

So, I tried this gorgeous black lacy number…



aaaand because I failed to read the instructions… this happened:



Sad face… But then!!! I had more samples, so I had to try again! All these people had so much success with these wraps, and I was determined to make it work! So I read the instructions fully and asked Amanda for a few tips. Within a couple of minutes, I was back in Jamberry action.


Wisteria. Beautiful Wisteria.



One week later, I discovered that Amanda’s tips helped my polish stay on, too! Obviously not as well as that wrap though! It looks just as great as the day I put it on!




So here’s the thing… now I want more!!! I’m having a party, and I’d love for you to try them out. Amanda, who in addition to making the cutest babies on the planet next to mine, is also a hilarious blogger (which is how we met years ago!), but now she’s also a Jamberry consultant, and she does a rocking great job. She’ll even send you a wrap for free to try, which is how I fell in love with these things!

Of course you want to come to the party, right? Well, it’s tonight at 9 p.m. eastern, and the best part is, you can wear your jammies! All you need is a computer! Hop onto Facebook and join us HERE!

In case you just HAVE to have the wraps shown above, here is Wisteria, and the black lacy number I’m after now is here.

See you tonight!

{Amanda provided me with a free wrap, but I did not receive any other compensation for this post.}

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