Happy Fourth Birthday, Marilyn!

My Darling Molly,

My goodness you are becoming so much like me. I feel abundantly blessed to have been gifted with four years of tiny, mighty, YOU. I learn so much about myself because of your presence in my life. I learn patience… so. much. patience. I have learned that strong will and stubbornness are hereditary–you’re welcome. I have learned more compassion and love, two qualities you come by so naturally. Your laugh is infectious, which brings so much warmth and joy into our family. Your smile lights up every corner of every room, and those beautiful blue eyes of yours melt every part of my heart. I adore you, Molly May.

You are exceedingly bright, bouncing from one activity to the next, experiencing as many things as fast as you can. It’s as if you know, at your young age, that life is short and meant to be lived with passion and vigor. I love that about you. I pray He will continue to stoke the flame of curiosity in you and that you will never lose your thirst for experiencing new things. But I also pray that you will learn, as a grown woman, to slow down and savor life. I pray that you will never get so caught up in the next big thing, that you lose your interest and passion for the present. Remember, in your haste to speak, to be a better listener–a skill I have not yet mastered. Be teachable, Marilyn, because knowledge is important, but wisdom is more valuable, and the wise understand that they don’t know everything. Most of all, my sweet girl, be grateful. You have a beautiful life ahead of you; never forget to count the blessings along the way.

My confident girl, you were born a leader. A strong, courageous, independent, kind, and loving leader. I pray for humility for you as you grow and learn to lead others. That you will never be too proud to wash others’ feet as Jesus did and to serve those who will rely on you for guidance and instruction. I pray you will be an excellent encourager, a gift I already see developing in you, in order to lift up those around you. There’s a saying I heard recently that says, “A leader always eats last.” Why? Because they are humble, they care for their guests and those they lead. They love from a place of service and not from expectation. But the leader does eat. Remember to continually feed yourself–mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically–to remain healthy. Leading others can drain you of strength if you do not take the time to nourish yourself and allow God to pour fresh wisdom and guidance into you. Speaking from experience, it is never wise to allow yourself to burn out for the sake of others. When the well is empty, it takes much more effort to fill it up than if you continually pour into it day by day never allowing it to drain completely. Learn daily, Molly, and allow God to fill you. You will be a better leader in your home, in your work, and in your ministry.

Marilyn Kallay, you are so very important. So very loved. So precious. God created you to be an unbelievably blinding light in this world, to spread His message of love and joy. You carry His light in your beautiful heart. I see Him in you in such outstanding ways. When you comfort others with your soft voice and loving touch, when you pray and thank Him for all of the tiniest things–bananas, butterflies, the color blue (your favorite), and when you wrap your arms around me to show love with the best hugs and sweetest butterfly kisses. You are so obviously a child of God, Molly. I am humbled by His willingness to share you with me, and that He has employed me as your mother to guide you and protect you in this fallen world. What an immeasurably humbling gift and honor, but also heavy responsibility. You are an amazing little girl with the energy of 10,000. I pray He continues to give me the strength and patience to keep up with you.

We have had such a busy year, and I apologize that we have not had as much time together as we want. I can’t promise that this year won’t be busy, but you are the priority. As changes are made and as we learn a new schedule and pattern of life, I pray you will feel my love and attention and overwhelming presence in your life. You deserve so much more than I will ever be able to provide, but my prayer is that God, in His infinite wisdom and provision, will make up for whatever and wherever I lack. You are His princess, and I know He will do everything in His power to lead you if you submit yourself to His will and plan for you. Your Heavenly Father will always be there for you, even as you ache for an earthly daddy. I promise you God will fill that void. I promise you. He is always with you. Every day, during every precious moment of life, for every birthday party, for every important milestone, for every laugh and every tear, God is with you. He loves you so much, Marilyn. I pray as you grow to know Him, that your love for Him will expand, and that your understanding of His love for you will bring peace and joy to your tender heart.

Miss Marilyn, my wish for you on your fourth birthday is an abundance of peace. Your ever moving body, your curious mind, your contagious thirst for life will benefit from His peace as He surrounds you with a calm stillness. I pray His peace will allow gratitude to flow easily from you, and His love to be ever present in your life to assure you of your importance and worth in this life.

Happy Birthday, Molly!

With so much love,


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