2014 With Jesus



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Ten powerful statements that have become my mission for this year and this life. But then I’d add two little words: With Jesus. “Live with intention” With Jesus. “Walk to the edge” With Jesus. “Listen hard” With Jesus. “LAUGH” With Jesus. “Practice wellness” With Jesus. “Play with abandon” With Jesus. “Choose with no regret” With Jesus! “Appreciate your friends” With Jesus. “Do what you love” With Jesus. “Live as if this is all there is” With Jesus.

It changes everything. He changes everything! Being intentional in my walk with Jesus and listening harder and more intently to people because Jesus taught me to shut my mouth and open my ears is a goal that will make my to do list forever. Laughing with Jesus! Can I challenge you today? If you think living as a Christian is boring, then you have not lived as a Christian, friends! This life is not boring! This life is challenging! I am growing, learning, transforming, and becoming less about Kallay and more about Him! There is JOY in this life. There is PEACE in this life. There is grace. There is mercy. There is real, authentic, heart changing, amazing LOVE in this life. “Walking to the edge” with Jesus, versus simply walking to the edge for pride or for thrill, is about courage, faith, willingness, and leadership. I want that in my life this year. I want Him to mold me into a more courageous, fearless, willing, leader of The Church, His community.

I love this: “Practice wellness” with Jesus. Practice is perfecting, learning, failing, and succeeding over and over again with the intent to be an expert. I don’t know about you, but I want to be well this year and for many years to come. I want to be well in my soul, in my body, in my relationships, in my mind, in my heart… I want to be an expert in wellness.

Laughter with Jesus. Do you think Jesus sat around those tables preaching the gospel with a scowl on His face and worry lines on His forehead? Do you think people would follow someone who was always frowning and serious? I can’t imagine that they would! I imagine Jesus laughing at those tables, cracking jokes, and having a good time. I see Him with a smile on His face, with JOY in his heart, and as a man who knew how to make the most out of life by embracing the funny! Jesus played with abandon! I’m sure of it! Yes, He had a mission. Yes, He LOVED and honored the Father. YES, He suffered through some seriously depressing and terrible seasons, but Jesus had a good and joyful life sharing His Father’s good news! Do you think He shared good news with a straight face? I can’t believe that He did.

“Do what you love” with Jesus and “live like this is all there is” with Jesus. What if we lived like we were already in Heaven? What if we lived with the Joy of living in a saved and raised world? What if… What if we followed God’s purpose instead of always trying to figure out His purpose for us? What if we joined Him in His mission instead of trying to always follow our own agenda?

“Appreciate your friends” with Jesus and “Choose with no regret” with Jesus. Appreciate… Gratitude. Love. Honor. Choose to step out in faith with no regret. Choose to be BOLD this year. Choose to be Grateful this year. Choose to honor and nourish your relationships this year. Choose to be intentionally His. And don’t look back.

In His book, The Circle Maker, Mark Batterson lists ten steps for goals setting. I’ve been following along with them, so I thought I would share them with you in case you are stuck with your goal setting for the year.

Mark Batterson’s Ten Steps to Goal Setting:

1. Start with prayer.
2. Check your motives.
3. Think in categories.
4. Be specific.
5. Write it down.
6. Include others.
7. Celebrate along the way.
8. Dream big.
9. Think long.
10. Pray hard.

Start with prayer. End with prayer. It’s a fantastic book, and I’d recommend it to anyone, Christian and non-Christian alike. It could change your life.

I know people like to have their goals done by January 1 and call them resolutions, but resolutions scare me. Goals are fluid and can change, where resolutions sound like a pass or fail exam. Either you accomplished it or not. Goals evolve and their details sometimes change. The idea is constant, but the method and prize may morph, and that’s okay with me. My 101 in 1001 list date is up in August, and a lot of the things left to accomplish are getting done this year for certain. That is exciting to me!

With all that said, here are my tentative goals for 2014:


1. Finish Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby (AWESOME book if you’re looking for intense study and reflection.)
2. Prayer Life (Finish The Circle Maker, pray over prayer circles, be diligent in praying with the girls.)
3. Joyfully serve others! (Volunteer at least once per quarter.)
4. Memorize 12 Bible verses.
5. Continue my fast beyond the 21 days. (More on this later, because it’s a whole post all to itself. Hint: it’s not food.)


1. Plan outings (Community events, Church events, etc.)
2. Start one-on-one dates with the girls.
3. Nurturing Discipline (Discipline that teaches and is proactive rather than reactive and emotionally charged.)
4. Creative Projects: Painting, building snowmen and forts, etc.
5. Find a new daycare that encourages learning and faith.
6. Transition to booster seats so we can begin eating meals at the same table.
7. Tea with grandma. (We did this a few times last year and it was always a blast. I adore her.)
8. Nurture my friendships & relationships with happy mail!


1. Generosity (I’m working on a modified version of the 12 Months of Giving from last year. Stay tuned if you’d like to follow along!)
2. Follow the 52 week saving plan. (Started this already. Woot! $6!)
3. Pay off 1/3 of my debt.
4. Continue tithing and praying over finances.
5. Write a will.
6. Life Insurance.

Fitness & Health:

1. Running Goals:
* Color Run in MN, Hot Chocolate 5K in Chicago, Local 5K
* Run a single digit mile.
2. Achieve a Healthier Weight (I hate this goal, because it feels like a resolution, but there’s no other way to say it.)
3. Continue to remove processed foods from diet.
4. Find a new doctor.
5. Go to the dentist twice.
6. See the eye doctor before March. (Because I’ll be 32, and I needed new glasses a year ago. Whoops.)
7. Try one new recipe per month. (Tried two this month already!)
8. “Spa Day” at home, once per month.

Getting Stuff Done:

1. Decorating/Redoing Kitchen (The red cabinets have got to go. I can’t stand them anymore. We’re breaking up.)
2. Write more. (Submit articles to Relevant, add more articles to Examiner.com, Finish book, Reflect on blog more.)
3. Sweat the small stuff. (File weekly, keep recipes organized now that I have a system, send out cards on time, etc.)
4. Organizing projects: Photos and Music (Makes my head hurt just thinking about it.)
5. Be a tourist in Michigan.
6. Graduate with Highest Honors in May!
7. Learn how to roast coffee.
8. Learn how to bake grandma’s bread.
9. Read 10 non-school books.

I realize these are not all S.M.A.R.T goals, but I’m okay with that. This is a living, breathing goal list meant to evolve as the year progresses. Except for that Highest Honors bit, God has dragged me through this, and I will hold up my end of the bargain and make Him proud!

What are your goals this year? 

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